Hospice Transportation

As a provider of non-emergency medical transportation services, one of the many services that MEDIX Transportation provides involves the transporting of hospice patients. For patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, the primary goal is to provide comfort and minimizing pain. Therefore, it is important that when choosing a transportation company for your loved one that you choose one that understands the specific needs of hospice patients and the specialized care needed during transport.

MEDIX Transportation, we understand the level of professionalism and sensitivity that is needed when caring for patients with terminal illnesses. This is why our dedicated and compassionate team ensures that we provide a professional hospice transport service that is safe and comfortable. Additionally, we are able to supply patients with oxygen during transport for increased comfort.

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Hospice Transportation

Our vehicles are top of the line, disabled-accessible vans with high quality stretchers. Stretcher transport service is a 2-person service to maximize safety and minimize patient discomfort. Our caring team members have special training and certifications, including CPR & First Aid, PASS, defensive driving, and they undergo drug tests and background checks.

Nobody beats the team at MEDIX Transportation. Reach out to us if you are looking for a reliable hospice transport services.


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