Outpatient Surgery Transportation

Are you or a loved one preparing for surgery or an outpatient procedure? Are you concerned about transportation to and/or from your procedure? Let MEDIX Transportation help. MEDIX Transportation provides safe and comfortable outpatient surgery transportation services. Our goal is to help you ease your worries and ensure you have a safe trip back home after your procedure.

Our Services

Why Choose Us?


We prioritize the safety of our client above all else. Extensively trained team and meticulously maintained vehicles and equipment. 


We provide a smooth and comfortable ride for our clients considering any potential postoperative pain or discomfort.


 We understand the importance of punctuality, so we ensure our clients arrive at the surgical center on time and are promptly transported back home after the procedure.


We always respect our client’s privacy and dignity.


A team of empathetic and professional staff committed to treating our clients with the respect and care they deserve.

MEDIX Transportation

MEDIX Transportation is the preferred choice for outpatient surgery transport because we understand that everyone has unique needs and we ensure that your specific needs are met with care and attention. 

Door-through-Door Service: The Medix team will pick you up from your location and safely drop you off inside your drop off location. We ensure that our patients are properly checked in and checked out. 

outpatient surgery Transportation

Don’t let transportation concerns add to your pre-surgery stress. Reserve your ride now and ensure a smooth journey to and from your procedure. Let MEDIX Transportation handle the logistics of your outpatient surgery transportation, so you can focus on your recovery. Book now and experience the comfort and reliability of our post-surgery transportation services.

There is no better team than MEDIX Transportation. Reach out to us if you are looking for a reliable Outpatient Surgery Transport Services or if you have any questions or concerns.

Not sure which transport solution fits your needs? Contact us today and we are happy to assist you.