Stair Chair Lift Service

Who We Are

At MEDIX Transportation, we provide Stairchair Lift Service & understand that for people with mobility limitations, like those who use a wheel chair, going up and down the stairs can be challenging.

We offer a specialized solution. Our Mobile Stair Lift Service will allow you to go up and down the stairs easier and safer. 

Our mobile stairlift service involves a minimum of 2 well-trained professional team members who will assist you into the stair chair safely.

They will ensure that you are well secured and then proceed to move you up or down the stairs using the electronic track system behind the Mobile Stair Chair. 

stairchair lift service
stairchair lift service

 We provide stand-alone Stairchair Lift Service which involves a simple transfer from upstairs to downstairs or vice versa. We also provide Stair Chair service plus Transport services to and from appointments or occasions.

To learn more about our Mobile Stair Chair service and how we can help you, you can contact us.

There is no better team than MEDIX Transportation. Reach out to us today if you are looking for a reliable stairchair lift Services .