Stretcher Transportation

MEDIX Transportation provides non-emergency stretcher transport services for patients with medical conditions or mobility limitations that require them to travel while lying down. Our professional team transports patients to and from all types of locations including hospitals, dialysis centers, medical/dental offices, nursing homes, surgical centers, home, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy, etc.

At MEDIX we understand the importance of a smooth transition from hospital to home or your desired destination.
Therefore, we ensure that your transport is:


Meticulously maintained vehicles and equipment, and a professional team highly trained to ensure they can safely transport patients requiring stretcher transport.


Medix equipment is designed for comfort and safety to ensure a smooth and pleasant riding experience for our clients.


We understand the importance of punctuality, so we ensure our clients arrive at the surgical center on time and are promptly transported back home after the procedure.

Stretcher Transportation

Our vehicles are top of the line, disabled-accessible vans with high quality stretchers. Stretcher transport service is a 2-person service to maximize safety and minimize patient discomfort. Our caring team members have special training and certifications, including CPR & First Aid, PASS, defensive driving, and they undergo drug tests and background checks.

Securing a stretcher or gurney transport with MEDIX is easy. We have simple booking process with flexible scheduling options so that you can secure the transportation you need.

Nobody beats the team at MEDIX Transportation. Reach out to us if you are looking for a reliable hospice transport services.

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