Healthcare in Motion


MEDIX is dedicated to fulfilling all your non-emergent patient transportation needs. Our friendly and professional team will transport you or your loved ones wherever you need to go. We transport clients who use a wheelchair, need a stretcher, or ambulatory.


Medix Transportation stands at the intersection of two essential services: NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) and NMT (Non-Medical Transportation). These services play distinct yet vital roles in ensuring individuals’ mobility and well-being.

Non-Emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is designed for patients who do not require immediate medical attention. But still need assistance getting to medical appointments, therapy sessions, or other healthcare-related destinations. It focuses on comfort and convenience, ensuring a smooth journey for those with mobility challenges or health issues that don’t demand urgent attention.

On the other hand, NMT (Non-Medical (personal) Transportation ) focuses on general transportation needs outside the medical spectrum. This can include daily commutes, airport transfers, or social outings. Medix Transportation extends its commitment to quality service in NMT.

Whether it’s ensuring a smooth ride for medical appointments or facilitating convenient travel for non-medical activities, MEDIX Transportation is your trusted partner. Our dedication to safety, comfort, and professionalism remains consistent across both NEMT and NMT services, making us the go-to choice for comprehensive transportation solutions.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  • Medical Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • Dialysis
  • Radiation & Chemotherapy
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Psychiatry & Mental Health
  • Hospital Admissions & Discharges
    • Emergency Room Discharges
    • Facility-to-Facility transport
  • Out-Patient Surgery/Day Surgery pickup & drop-offs
    • Medical procedures
    • Cosmetic procedures
    • Oral surgery
  • Laboratory Appointments
  • Radiology Appointments
  • Chiropractor Appointments
  • Pharmacy Pickup
  • Adult Day Healthcare Centers
  • Vaccine Appointments

Non-Medical (Personal) Transportation

  • Airport Transportation
  • Hotel pickup and dropoffs
  • Relocation services
    • Home to Home
    • Retirement home/nursing home
    • Assisted living/independent living
  • Vacation trip
  • Social Outings
  • Family reunion/gathering
  • Weddings/parties
  • Dinner/night outs
  • Special/Recreational events
  • Shopping/grocery trips
  • Selfcare (ex. Hairdresser, barber) trips
  • Religious activities
  • School/student.