Hospital Discharges

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Is your loved one ready to go home after their hospital discharges  but you need help getting them home safely? No need to worry, MEDIX Transportation is here to assist. We can help you transport your loved ones from the hospital, rehabilitation center to home or your desired destination. 

MEDIX is the preferred choice for hospital discharge transportation because we have proven to provide a reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation service to our patients and their family members.

Our hospital discharge transport services can be a stretcher transport, wheelchair transport, or ambulatory transport.

Not sure which transport solution fits your needs? Contact us today and we are happy to assist you.

Hospital Discharge

Our top-line vans provide easy access for wheelchairs and ensure a comfortable ride with high-quality stretchers. We maximize safety and minimize discomfort during transport with our two-person stretcher service. Our caring team undergoes specialized training to be CPR & First Aid certified, PASS certified, and defensive driving pros. We prioritize your well-being by requiring drug tests and background checks for every team member. Choose us for reliable and professional service. 

There is no better team than MEDIX Transportation. Reach out to us if you are looking for a reliable hospital discharge transport services or if you have any questions or concerns.

Hospital Discharges
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