Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sunland, CA

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MEDIX Transportation is a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) company serving Sunland, CA. We provide 3 modes of NEMT services: Wheelchair transport, Stretcher transport, and Ambulatory transport. Our compassionate, dedicated, and professional team will transport you or your loved ones wherever you need to go. We ensure that our clients are properly endorsed at their destination.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - Wheel chair transport

Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair Transport: for the safety and comfort of our patients, our wheelchair vans are equipped with a seven-point wheelchair restraint system, hydraulic lifts, raised roofs. Our van will accommodate a scooter and we have our own wheelchairs available for use upon request. This wheelchair transport service can be utilized for older people transport, and for same-day/outpatient surgery transport.

Wheelchair transport, Stretcher transport, and Ambulatory transport

Stretcher/Gurney Transport

Stretcher/Gurney Transport: for patients whose mobility limitation require they be transported in a lying position, our safe and comfortable stretcher transportation is available. For the added safety of our patients, this is a two-person crew transportation service. This service is suitable for older people transport, dialysis transport, interfacility transport and outpatient surgical services transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory Transport: for our patients with physical and/or mental challenges who are ambulatory but still require assistance and/or supervision. Walkers and rollators are welcome. This service is also perfect for same-day/outpatient surgery transportation.

Some of the NEMT services we provide in Sunland, CA include: 

  • Medical/Dental Appointment transport
  • Dialysis Transport
  • Radiation/Chemotherapy Transport
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy Transport
  • Psychiatry and Mental Health Transport
  • Hospital Admissions/Discharges Transport
    1.  Emergency Room Discharges Transport
    2. Facility-to-facility transport
  • Out Patient surgery/Day surgery pick up and drop offs
    1.  Medical procedures Transport
    2. Cosmetic procedures Transport
    3. Oral surgery Transport
  • Laboratory Appointment Transport

Radiology Appointment Transport

We also provide transport for non-medical services in Sunland, CA. 

  • Airport Transportation
  • Hotel pick up and drop offs
  • Relocation services
  • Social Outings
  • Religious activities

NEMT Services In Sunland, CA-Medix Transportation

Sunland, CA, boasts a vibrant community that values health and well-being. However, individuals facing mobility challenges or those without access to private transportation may find it challenging to attend medical appointments. This is where our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sunland, CA, becomes indispensable. Whether its routine check-ups, therapy sessions, or specialized treatments; reliable transportation is the key to ensuring everyone can access the healthcare they need. You are one call away from the best NEMT services in Sunland, CA.

Weather you require Wheelchair Transport, Stretcher Transport, Hospital Discharge Transportation or any other NEMT service, you will get the best at Medix. Medix Transportation stands out in Sunland, CA, as a trusted partner in facilitating NEMT services. With a commitment to providing safe, comfortable, and timely services, we become the go-to choice for individuals and healthcare providers alike. Medix Transportation has fleet of well-maintained vehicles equipped to accommodate various mobility requirements. We ensure that accessibility is never a barrier to receiving medical care. Our services are available at your convenience, providing flexibility for appointments and healthcare routines.

Our team comprises trained professionals who prioritize your comfort and safety. From the moment you book our services until you reach your destination, our compassionate staff ensures a stress-free and supportive experience. Time is of the essence when it comes to healthcare. Medix Transportation takes pride in its punctuality and reliability. We offer cost-effective solutions, making non-emergency medical transportation affordable without compromising on the quality of service. Our transparent pricing ensures that you can plan your healthcare transportation within your budget.